New IP Address For Minecraft

Posted: 13th February 2011 by novs12 in Minecraft Server

New IP Address be sure to spread the word!

Visit our new website:

Enter into the IP Box in Minecraft Multiplayer.

Our Faction Wars RP is like no other server you have ever played on.
24/7 Dedicated Fun with NO LAG!
What is faction wars?
Faction Wars is a system where people group up in clans or ‘factions’ and claim land/work together to build a city.
After they built their city and have a good amount of members, they can attack other Factions and claim their land.
It’s much more complex than that, and I guarantee you will have fun.
What are you waiting for?
Join now and see for yourself  how awesome minecraft can be.


No port needed, we moved to a dedicated IP address instead of a shared one.

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  1. Lynxdragon says:

    It would be helpful if there was a guide on how to join this server.

  2. -Kage- says:

    No whitelist, awesome!

  3. conman says:

    this server is awesome

  4. Nathan says:

    is it 24/7?

  5. matt says:

    Best server ever.

  6. cait says:


  7. josh says:

    I tried to join but it said end of stream, what do i do now?

  8. loolomg says:

    Great server!

  9. Chuck10931 says:

    Admins are very understanding, great staff!

  10. AcornBaldy says:

    Hey, i just went on and it said outdated server why cant i go on???

  11. jonas says:

    They ban all cheaters, awesome server!

  12. timy357 says:

    Works great, love this server!

  13. pickle says:

    from your comments novs it sounds good but i cant get in it sais logging in but i cant get in

  14. Cutiee says:

    what is the ip address for this server./

  15. Cutiee says:

    what is the ip address for this server

  16. Marcus says:

    i try to do it, but i cant come on the server. what can i do?

  17. Bryan says:

    can you give me a premium users please

  18. Samantha says:

    It would be VERY helpful if you put the IP somewhere.

  19. cpelchat says:

    how do you get a new ip

  20. tjcaldwell says:

    it says bad login

  21. chibritiast says:

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  22. mikhaelsenn says:

    Hi i need a little help, every time i try to connect to a server it always says, logging on….connection lost! failed to login: user not priemium. what does that mean, can someone please help me?

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