Posted: 10th February 2011 by novs12 in Minecraft Server

I am very happy to announce that i have just gotten a brand new Minecraft server!!!


Please leave all suggestions you have for the new server, any mods you’d like to see or settings you’d like changed!

Still being worked on but you can join now!
Be sure to leave as many suggestions as you can to me in steam or a comment on this post, I will consider all suggestions.

Also please consider donating to help keep it up and running! Visit This Page and scroll down for info on donating!

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  1. Toasty Bagels (Gamka) says:

    :D This is gonna be awesome!

  2. *sighs* I’d play on it. If my god damn internet would work with SMP. Does anyone here know how to fix the java.netsocket error?

  3. felixlamarre says:

    toasty is this your server`?

  4. McSushi says:

    Nice server. I was on it for awhile today, any chance in me joining for good?

  5. reply man says:

    hey ur server does not work! it says end of stream but not in the other servers i play on so its not me!

  6. mwb1234 says:

    What is up with the violence between factions. There is so much cursing and violence over a silly game of building blocks.

  7. Optic636 says:

    I was the OMC leader, but im not whitelisted? WTF!?

  8. Optic636 says:

    im the OMC leader and im not whitelisted?WTF!!??

  9. nick says:

    this server is older than my great great great great great great grandmom

  10. Aytimothy says:

    May I join this server – I heard it is white listed

  11. Aytimothy says:

    I heard this server is white-listed. May I join and may I be an op. I can watch over the server for at least 12 hours a day until 2nd October, about 3 hours afterwards and 12 hours from 11 December all the way to around 16 Jan (Next year)

  12. Aytimothy says:

    HELP – I can’t connect

  13. I have gone through the article and found interesting information helped me in getting the best answer that I am looking for.

  14. flamegod337 says:

    try a money and market plugin and get land plots for sale

  15. Colin says:

    Hey I liked it pretty awesome and you should and rockets (ships) and space and take a look at
    SDK’s mods all of them they look pretty cool

  16. Jax Heil says:

    Looking for Mods or Admins? I would be happy to help!

  17. karsten says:

    can i help be stafff

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