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TTT Server – Colt45 Download

Posted: 14th August 2011 by novs12 in TTT Server

Here you can download the new Colt45 models and materials so you don’t need to download it in-game. Click Here to download. Drag the materials and models folder to your garrysmod/garrysmod directory. Overwrite all if asked. For those of you who don’t know the Colt45 custom weapon has been added to the TTT server by Han Solo. This [...]


Posted: 23rd July 2011 by novs12 in TTT Server

THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FACTION WARS MINECRAFT SERVER, DO NOT ENTER THIS IP IN MINECRAFT, IT WILL DO NOTHING. The TTT server was forcefully moved to a new server and a new IP address. IP: Add it to favorites and spread the word. Spam all the people on your friends list with the new IP. [...]

[TTT] Added ttt_stadium_v2

Posted: 4th May 2011 by novs12 in TTT Server

Let me know if it’s better than the first one. Also let me know in the comments if you have any missing textures on this map. Subscribe to the RSS feed to stay updated! -Novs

Updated TTT MOTD/Loading Screen

Posted: 11th April 2011 by novs12 in TTT Server

The TTT MOTD and loading screen has been updated. Updates: Added sections regarding Donating. (TTT doesn’t get too many donators, spread the word about donating!) Removed Admin list. (The list was taking up the whole MOTD) Few small changes/re-wording. If there is any rules or something you think should be added to the MOTD then let me [...]

Added Map ttt_murum_a2

Posted: 7th February 2011 by novs12 in TTT Server

Just added a new map called ttt_murum_a2. It’s a medium sized map, made by our regular TTT player and admin, Arcadium. I think its good so far, he said he will be updating it with more features as time comes. Let me know what you think of it in the comments! Subscribe to the RSS feed to [...]

TTT Promo Postponed

Posted: 28th January 2011 by novs12 in TTT Server

The TTT promo video recording date has been postponed to Saturday, February 5th. This extra time should allow us to make necessary changes to the script which was kindly written by RumTime. Please view the script here and make your comments or suggestions. If you feel there should be less dialogue, let us know! Subscribe the RSS [...]

TTT Promo Video

Posted: 24th January 2011 by novs12 in TTT Server

So we decided to make a new promo video for the TTT server. This video is planned to be a thought-out, well edited video to make it as awesome as possible. We currently need more actors/writers you may apply for a role here. Any suggestions or ideas are taking into consideration, so post what you think [...]

Removed 3 TTT Maps

Posted: 16th January 2011 by novs12 in TTT Server

Maps ttt_shippingcenter_b1, ttt_digdown_b1, and ttt_cloverfield_b2 have been removed. You can request these maps to be added back by leaving a comment. ttt_concentration_b2 was not removed. Subscribe to the RSS feed to stay updated! -Novs

Added 4 New TTT Maps

Posted: 15th January 2011 by novs12 in TTT Server

I added ttt_concentration_b2, ttt_digdown_b1, ttt_shippingcenter_b1, and ttt_cloverfield_b2 to the TTT server. I honestly did not fully test each of these maps, but they look good. Please test them out on the server and leave a comment on what maps you like/dislike. Subscribe to the RSS feed to stay updated. -Novs

Increased Detective %

Posted: 12th January 2011 by novs12 in TTT Server

The detective % was increased to 13%. This means you will now see 2 detectives in games of TTT with a good amount of players. -Novs